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EveryWord ™ Voice Control Featuring Sensory TrulyHandsfree™ & TrulyNatural

Custom Wake-Word & Commands 
for Branded Voice Experiences

EveryWord™ Voice Capture and Control, featuring the Sensory TrulyHandsfree™ SDK and TrulyNatural technology suite, allows OEMs to create custom wake-words, small to medium command sets, and speaker verification models for a truly branded voice experience.

When integrated with our production-ready far-field voice capture AFE or Voice Module, you’ll get fast responses, ultra-low current consumption, and best of all, superior performance from 3X the distance, even in noisy environments.

EveryWord™ Voice Capture and Control is a perfect fit for multiple consumer and industrial applications, including appliances, robotics, automotive, wearables, toys, medical equipment, IoT, and smart home hubs.

Want to test it yourself? Our EveryWord Voice Capture Development Kits come with Sensory next-generation voice control technology already embedded. The ArkX Labs team is here to help you get started.

Custom Wake-Word Engine

Own the voice experience to support your brand

  •  Wake words customized to your brand and application  vs. Hey Siri or Alexa

  •  Reliable voice control without dependence on an internet or Wi-Fi connection

  • Low power consumption for battery powered devices
  • “Always listening”
Custom Wake-word Engine

Custom Commands

Create customized commands and specific tasks for your application

  • Over 21 languages and dialects available

  • Embedded/local command sets do not require wi-fi connectivity and are never sent to the cloud, virtually eliminating privacy concerns.

  • Highly accurate in noisy environments w/ lower latency and quicker response
  • Customizable to specific tasks (some applications available off the shelf)
  • Low memory requirements
Custom Commands

Speaker Verification

Deploy a base level of security with speaker verification

  • Device will ignore both wake word and commands not spoken by enrolled user
  • Uses individual’s voice biomarkers to recognize their identity
  • Both custom wake words and commands created through enrollment
  • Simple on-device enrollment; no internet required, private and secure
Speaker Verification