MOBY®: The world’s first Mobile Protective Pod

The Vertical:

Healthcare/Medical Devices

The Client:

Sphaira Medical, a MedTech startup headquartered in Berlin, Germany, recently developed MOBY®; the world’s first Mobile Protective Pod. This medical transportation device is designed to make meaningful face-to-face interaction possible for people requiring medical isolation. One of the challenges that the Sphaira Medical team faced in designing MOBI was the need to enable verbal communication between the patient inside the hermetically sealed protective pod and the caregiver on the outside. The Sphaira engineering team required a hands-free voice capture solution that achieved full-duplex so that both participants can speak and receive audio simultaneously–even in very challenging noisy settings.

MOBY-The worlds first Mobile Protective Pod

The Solution:

The Sphaira Engineering Team chose ArkX Labs’ EveryWordTM Ultra Far-field Voice Capture Technology based on its ability to optimize the voice capture for human-to-human communications. In addition, the Engineering team chose ArkX solution since it can identify and suppress multiple competing single-point noise sources, even in very challenging and noisy environments.

After customizing the software and audio tuning to optimize its full-duplex capabilities, the ArkX team delivered two EveryWord Development Kits to the Sphaira engineering team for testing and validation. Once the MOBY Protective Pod goes into full production the Sphaira team will likely choose ArkX Labs’ AFE (Audio Front End) solution since it can be seamlessly integrated into the existing MOBY device’s electronics package.