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ArkX Laboratories Capabilities


From engineered performance solutions and streamlined manufacturing to custom integrations and voice qualification services, ArkX can help get your ideas and IOT products to market… faster.

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Advanced Performance Products

ArkX Labs Advanced Performance Products

ArkX’s next generation of advanced performance voice technology enables OEMs to enter into new market verticals more rapidly with a well-integrated, production-ready platform that is compatible across multiple mainstream services. 

What makes our far-field products stand out is performance. Our solutions capture voice commands from around corners, in noisy and reverberative environments and without having to lower playback volume of loud movies and music. They have the unique ability to identify and suppress speech from TV and offers  exceptional ultra-low power battery operation for wake-on-word. And best of all, the combination of using our AVS qualified components can minimize any redesign for certification and easily save valuable time to market. We are ready to go.

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Streamlined Manufacturing


Customers often prefer an “integrated approach” from concept, through design, to prototyping, to large-scale cost-efficient production.  ArkX, through its parent Ark Electronics, can provide any level of manufacturing and related manufacturing services desired—from contract PCBA through complete-product contract manufacturing to extended services including component selection, tooling, testing, packaging solutions, and global delivery and support.  Our US-based project management team provides you with local contacts, project management, and manufacturing oversight.  With production lines including SMT, DIP, and AI, we offer a range of capabilities. By employing AI-powered robotics for more cost-effective, error-free production, we deliver quality results with accuracy and consistency.  Enjoy the benefits of utilizing a partner whose scope includes end-to-end responsibility by utilizing ArkX’s manufacturing capabilities.  

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Experienced Audio Systems Engineering Services


The ArkX team’s audio and voice expertise spans electrical architecture, acoustics, tuning third-party DSP architectures for optimal speech/telephony and music playback, as well as testing and validation during prototype phases. We enable your success by mitigating risk and reducing your time to market, by assisting with the integration of our modules or to completely create custom systems that include our modules.

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