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Use Case:

Voice Recognition for Robotics



Robots and autonomous systems in household, industrial, educational settings that can be reliably controlled using voice commands and/or encourage human-robot interactions with natural language conversation. 360° listening capability that can be controlled with voice commands.


  • Noises in the background
    • Household background noises including HVAC system, background
      music/TV, people conversing, kitchen cooking
    • Industrial, warehouse, and commercial noises from machinery and processes
  • Distance
    • Recognize voice commands from distances of 0.5 to 9 meters
  • Non-line-of-sight talker source
    • Summoning / commanding a robot that is not in the same space
    • Talker not looking at the robot when commanding
  • Large reverberant spaces
    • Factories and warehouses are large spaces that cause sound to bounce back and forth, resulting in strong reverberation and the commanding voice arriving from multiple directions

Solution Proposed

ArkX EveryWord AFE:

  • Audio Front End supports
    • Multi-mic noise reduction removes stationary and transient background noise
    • Up to 9 meters 360° voice operating capability, automatic gain controls (AGC) for uniform loudness throughout the distance range
    • AFE algorithm exploits reverberant propagation to better identify and separate noise from desired speech, and to capture desired speech from around corners / non-line-of-sight talker
    • De-reverberation processing enhances the intelligibility of speech in large spaces
    • Local commands enable voice control when cloud-based voice recognition is unavailable/undesirable
    • Low power consumption
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Far-field Voice Applications

Our voice capture technology can easily be applied to a wide range of voice-enabled smart products and devices.

Smart TV’s
Set Top Boxes
Light & Environmental Controls
Video Conferencing Systems
Whiteboards & Classrooms
Security & Monitoring Systems
Industrial Spaces
Smart Hubs