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Use Case:

Voice Recognition for Portable Conference Speakerphones



Conference speakerphone with clear 360° voice capture for up to 12 people without the need to use any extension microphones. Built-in versatile connectivity to laptops/PCs/mobile phones/tablets via USB and Bluetooth. Powered by USB and built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery for portable and travel uses.


  • Noises in the background
    • HVAC system, chatter outside the meeting space, background music/TV
  • Echo heard at the far-end
    • Voice coming through the speakerphone’s speaker gets picked up by the microphones and being transmitted back to the far-end
  • Half Duplex
    • Only one person can speak at a time, the other person’s speech gets cut out
  • Distance
    • Typical distances for meetings could be 1 to 9 meters
  • Bad sound quality
    • Muffled, reverberative (“inside a tunnel”) speech
    • Other end of the call cannot easily understand the talker
  • Development
    • Aggressive schedule
    • Avoid a complete board spin

Solution Proposed

  • ArkX Technology
    • Works extremely well even in obstructed voice path
    • Captures voice from up to 9 meters in very noisy environments
    • Features solder-on “module” allowing easy integration onto existing board
    • Utilizes 12 AEC’s to ID, classify and suppress speech originating from TV, audio devices and other extraneous environmental noises
  • Amazon pre-qualified speeds time to market and reduces development risks
  • Supports Google, Amazon, Baidu and other platforms
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Far-field Voice Applications

Our voice capture technology can easily be applied to a wide range of voice-enabled smart products and devices.

Smart TV’s
Set Top Boxes
Light & Environmental Controls
Video Conferencing Systems
Whiteboards & Classrooms
Security & Monitoring Systems
Industrial Spaces
Smart Hubs