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Lomar Patient Care: Hands-free Communication

The Vertical:

Medical Devices/Infrastructure

The Client:

Lomar, a leading product development and manufacturing company in Europe, provides medical accessories and infrastructure solutions for advanced patient care and well-being. To improve the patient experience, Lomar developed an in-room solution that allows patients to communicate freely, naturally, all hands-free, with the medical and healthcare staff outside the room.  While their current DSP voice technology worked well in the short range, it became unreliable at longer distances because of inadequate noise reduction and echo cancellation. Lomar turned to ArkX Labs’ EveryWordTM superior fair-field voice capture solutions.

The Solution:

EveryWord’s Production-Ready Ultra Far-field Voice Capture Technology

After extensive testing of our EveryWordTM Development Kit, Lomar was convinced that our ultra far-field voice capture technology enabled unmatched human-to-human communication that significantly outperformed existing OEM solutions: The EveryWord AFE solution, powered by Cirrus Logic and NXP technology, was able to capture and clearly transmit voice from across the room at > 9 meters, 3x the distance vs. standard far-field solutions, in noisy and reverberative hospital environments and had the unique ability to identify and suppress speech competing noise sources.

Lomar has now successfully installed 100 systems —-with positive feedback.

Patient Care: Hands-free Communication