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EveryWord ™ Ultra Far-field Development Kit


Developed at ArkX Laboratories by our expert team of engineers, qualified by Amazon AVS and manufactured to exceedingly high standards, the EveryWord™ Dev Kit allows developers to test and validate their own voice-enabled products using an advanced voice solution to mitigate risk, reduce development costs, and accelerate their time-to-market.

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Dev Kit Features

Complete production-ready reference design with Cirrus Logic’s SoundClear® technology and NXP i.MX 8 host processor technology

Cirrus Logic’s SoundClear® Technology:

  • Increases accuracy and reliability of “Alexa” wake-word triggering and command recognition at far-field distances and in noisy environments
  • Preloaded with Amazon Pryon Lite Wake-Word-Engine and accepts Sensory Wake-Word-Engine
  • Supports 9+ meters far-field operation with 2, 3, or 4 microphones
  • Supports arbitrary mic array geometries, including circular, square, triangular, linear or 3D
  • AEC is scalable to mono, stereo, 3-channel, and 5-channel (surround movie or music) use cases
  • Supports far-field voice call mode and in-call voice triggering
  • Suitable for wall-powered devices or portable battery-operated products with low milliwatt consumption
  • 6 mics built-in, ready to be configured for testing circular, square, triangular, and line arrays in 4-mic, 3-mic or 2-mic designs
  • AVS compliant LED indicators and mic-mute button. Google Voice compliant mic spacing
  • Also includes expansion bus for connecting GPIOs, I2S/TDM, SPI, I2C, and PDM mics
  • Web-based firmware control console for simplified interactive operation, mic array selection, acoustic tuning and diagnostics
NXP i.MX 8 host processor technology
  • Application processing and control
  • Production-capable architecture
Connectivity includes:
  • Wi-Fi 802.11
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Stereo line out
  • USB device port
  • USB host port for connection to the external USB soundcard 
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The Development Kit can be used for demonstration, evaluation, prototyping, product development, and training.
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Clear Performance Advantages

  • Captures voice commands:
    • from across the room (>9 meters)
    • in noisy and reverberative environments
    • during loud music/movies
  • Unique ability to identify and suppress speech from TV
  • Flexible placement: table, wall, ceiling, dashboard
  • Supports mono, stereo and surround sound with barge in
  • Evaluate, demo, develop and production on single platform
    • Integrated production-ready voice module
  • Amazon AVS qualified
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Technical Overview

  • Integrated linear, Y, square, and triangular mic array geometries
  • Proprietary 3D audio processing technology significantly outperforms beam-forming solutions
  • Full-duplex far-field voice communication
  • Does not require source ducking for reliable interaction
  • Concurrent voice service and voice communication
  • Multiple user tracking
  • 2D & 3D GPU; 4-Lane MIPI DSI and CSI

  • 4x bidirectional I2S/TDM audio ports
    • 2x host to AFE
    • 2x available for external connection
  • 12 AECs for superior barge-in and multichannel audio
  • AEC support from mono to 5.1 channel surround
  • USB Host, USB Audio/OTG, USB UART
  • GPIO, SPI and I2C connectivity
  • Web server-based console
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  • EveryWordTM Ultra Far-Field Development Platform Integrating

    • Selectable Mic Array with LED indication
      • 6 MEMS mics selectable in 9 different configurations including 2, 3 and 4 mics in linear, triangle, “Y” and diamond configurations
    • Ultra Far-Field Voice Module
      • AFE Module
      • Audio Board
      • iMX8M Mini based SoC/Host System
    • Carrier/Connectivity Board
    • Compact Form Factor Case for easy placement on surfaces, walls, ceilings and dashboards
  • Power Supply
  • 50watt full range speaker box
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EveryWord ™ Architecture

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EveryWord ™ Ecosystem