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EveryWord ™ Ultra Far-Field Integrated Voice Module
(SOM + 
Audio Board w/AFE)

Powered by Cirrus Logic & NXP technology

ArkX Labs EveryWord ™ Ultra Far-Field Integrated Voice Module Features

Integrated Voice Module Features

  • Powered by Cirrus Logic & NXP technology
  • Amazon AVS Qualified
  • Exceptional capture range of (>9 meters)
  • H/W accelerated by royalty-free Amazon wake-word engine
  • 7 to 9 mic performance using only 3 to 4 mics
  • Quad Cortex-A53@1.8GHz + M4@400Mhz host processor
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 (BR+EDR+BLE)
  • Flexible mic array spacing and orientation (Linear, 2D, 3D, vertical, horizontal)
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EveryWord ™ Integrated VOICE MODULE

The Integrated Voice Module can transform any existing mechanical product into a voice enabled product.
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Clear Performance Advantages

  • Captures voice commands:
    • from across the room (>9 meters)
    • in noisy and reverberative environments
    • during loud music/movies
  • Unique ability to discriminate and suppress speech from TV
  • Flexible placement: wall, in-wall, ceiling, dashboard
  • Highly-integrated production-ready module
    • Works with most existing mic array designs
    • Amazon AVS qualified (2 to 4 mics)
  • Ultra-low power battery operation for wake-on-word
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Technical Overview

  • Supports linear, Y, square, triangular and 3D mic array geometries
  • Proprietary 3D audio processing technology significantly outperforms beam-forming solutions
  • Full-duplex far-field voice communication
  • Does not require source ducking for reliable interaction
  • Concurrent voice service and voice communication
  • Multiple user tracking
  • 2D & 3D GPU; 4-Lane MIPI DSI and CSI

  • 4x bidirectional I2S/TDM audio ports
    • 2x host to AFE
    • 2x available for external connection
  • 12 AECs for superior barge-in and multichannel audio
  • AEC support from mono to 5.1 channel surround
  • USB Host, USB Audio/OTG, USB UART
  • GPIO, SPI and I2C connectivity
  • Web server-based console
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Production-Ready Development Solution
for New Platforms

ArkX Labs AFE Quick Development Solution for Existing Platforms