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EveryWord ™ Software Stack

A highly-integrated vertical software stack developed in collaboration with Cirrus Logic gives customers the ability to integrate
far-field voice capture on the audio front end with Amazon Voice Services and other cloud services on the backend.

Hardware and software development validated in parallel with Amazon’s automated qualification testing along with additional requirements for larger spaces and non-line-of-sight capabilities.

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Software Stack Features

  • Yocto-based toolchain, cloud build support, and pre-configured development VM
  • Custom Linux Kernel and root filesystem with debugging, tuning, and update capabilities
  • Ported, configured, and pre-qualified AVS stack. Includes hooks and Python environment for easy integration of custom behaviors
  • Wi-Fi (client and AP modes) and Bluetooth stacks
  • Advanced USB capabilities, including OTG/host/peripheral and USB-Audio interfaces
  • Available “starter” components, such as mobile companion apps, sample Alexa Skills, and system configuration console
  • Multiple software trigger options (Amazon, Kitt.AI, Google, Sensory, Baidu, etc.)
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Our firmware team has developed a systematic design that allows any combination of modules to be connected for your product.
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EveryWord ™ Runtime


  • Voice service and wake-word engine agnostic (Amazon, Google, Siri, Baidu, Tencent, Bixby, . . .)
  • Multiple, simultaneous triggers and voice services
  • Integrated hooks and Python environment for simplified implementation of custom skills and behaviors
  • Custom made Linux-based OS and root file system that have only the essentials for improved efficiency