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Wellcome Leap’s First 1000 Days Research Initiative

Wellcome Leap’s First 1000 Days Research Initiative

The Vertical:

In-home Monitoring and Voice Capture 

The Client:

Research conducted by Princeton Professor of Psychology and Research Uri Hasson as  Wellcome Leap’s First 1000 Days research initiative to promote healthy brain development for newborn children. The project focuses on the early stages of life, when children develop critical cognitive abilities, such as executive function (EF) and self-regulation. Professor Hasson is deploying speech recognition technology to quantitatively assess infant sensorimotor and social interactions in real world settings. The goal is to create a large database consisting of the (densely sampled) visual and auditory stimuli that surround babies during their first 1,000 days of life. 

The Need:

The study deploys video cameras and  audio collection capabilities into 20 homes of the families participating in the study to collect data on caregiver/child interactions. Needed reliable high-performance voice solution to collect and  filter out extraneous noises typical in the home environment while still capturing even the subtlest utterances between mother and baby. 

The Solution:

EveryWordTM Ultra Far-field Voice Capture Technology

The ability of ArkX Labs’ EveryWord™ technology to capture audio utterances with accuracy and clarity in multiple residential environments made it the right choice for our research project,” said Uri Hasson, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. “And the ArkX Labs team was able to create a custom software integration that converted the captured audio stream into a format easily consumable by our video partner.  This software allowed perfect synchronization of far-field audio capture of all utterances in the covered rooms with video recordings.”