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EveryWord™ Development Kit Set-up & Demonstration Best Practices

This page is dedicated to helping our sales partners easily set-up and seamlessly demonstrate the superior performance of our advanced voice capture and speech recognition technology to your clients. We are confident that if done right, your clients will hear the signicant difference that our technology provides from a wide-range of voice-enabled applications.

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Unboxing your Development Kit

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Enabling Your Development Kit

How to Update The Firmware

ASR Demonstration

Short Cuts

What you will need for the Demo @ :54
Mono vs. Stereo @ 1:40
Advanced Practice Session @ 2:34
Live Demo Room Set-up @ 6:39
The Demo Sequence @ 9:34
AVS Demo: Noise Suppression @ 10:34
AVS Demo: Barge-in @ 12:32
Ducking @ 16:04

Arkx Labs Logo Mark Gray

Far-field Voice Applications

Our voice capture technology can easily be applied to a wide range of voice-enabled smart products and devices.

Smart TV’s
Set Top Boxes
Light & Environmental Controls
Video Conferencing Systems
Whiteboards & Classrooms
Security & Monitoring Systems
Industrial Spaces
Smart Hubs